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Small/local business SEO solution

Written by Urszula.

Special SEO offer for local business in Rockingham, Kwinana, MandurahSearch Engine Optimisation Services in Perth

May be your business has no financial resources to spend on SEO professional packages or simply you prefer to take control over your marketing. For you we offer cost effective solution.

We do what we do the best and we will cover technical aspects of SEO while you can do what you do best. No advanced knowledge is required. How does it sound?

Simply speaking we will get you started with necessary tools, necessary knowledge and support you to look after your website SEO.

  1. We will be responsible for researching and selecting keywords, technical website optimisation, Google+ optimisation, conversion optimisation, and visitor tracking/reporting.
  2. You will be responsible for, under our guidance, creating content and building links to your website. You don’t need any SEO skills or experience to do this. We will explain what you need to do and how.

BASIC LOCAL BUSINESS PACKAGE - This is the basic SEO package everybody needs!

Overview: We will provided general advice and implementation such as setting up the site with Google Webmaster Tools and Bing tools. We will tell you tricks and tips regarding social media implementation. We will be checking every month to see what site amendments these services recommend and help you to implement them by giving you advice re: submission to major directories where appropriate, internal link checking, new content checking, titles and meta tags and description check and also keywords saturation.

Basic SEO optimisation

  • Ad-hoc SEO services


This is the basic of SEO  that every website needs!


First, we want to start with keyword/phrase research and ensure that what we’re targeting is going to make you money. We have a suite of custom tools and software we use at this stage to ensure we are targeting the optimal keywords. We also use these tools and experience to make the most out of your visitors with regards to usability and conversion rate optimisation. Based on research we will provide to you Recommendation report based on competition results and your neeeds.
approx 5 hours


Next, we optimise what’s already on your website. This will make your website perform better and help to get noticed more in the search engines, ready for when we undertake step 3. We can either do this ourselves or provide the changes to your web developer to action.

  • content optimisation (keywords saturation and re-writes)
  • titles, meta tags,
  • meta description,
  • submission to search engines every single page
  • image optimisation
  • tags and data connection for structured data and authoring tools
  • url checking and canonical linking

Time depends on number of pages/images 
 Single page optimising normally costs $200 per page for a full service, however for local business we offer $60 website optimisation per page.


  • Setting up tracking of Google analitycs, structured data, and authoring tools
  • Set up of Bing webmaster tools
  • Recommendation report based on competition
  • Creation of Google plus account if necessary
  • Creation of your Google account for analitycs and reporting
  • Google places creation if necessary and optimisation
  • Indexing your site
  • Submission to major search engines
  • Site map xml and submission to Bing and Google

Total time required approx: 5-10 hours

The cost will vary depending on time need to be spend and what needs to be done. However we offer special price for local business: $400 for this initial stage plus $60 per page. No contract necessary



We ask our potential clients what their budget is.

Admittedly, this is disconcerting for many. The challenge is that you can make a website for $1000 and you can make a website for $30,000 and more.  Some of websites requires different features, optimisation, great functions and custom graphic, content writing and all ads up.

In asking what your budget is, we want to make sure that your expectations are in line with what you will be getting for your money. Just to illustrate. Many times we had people coming with $500 budget and expect not only full website development with custom features and graphic creations but also to have their site on top of Google.   Our website you’re looking at right now would have cost around $9000 if we had built it for a client.

However there are some great, a smaller investments that you can make that will have a big impact on your business: learn your own SEO and SEM.  We will provide training for you to be able to work yourself on your linking strategies and content. You need between 5-10 hours, depending how fast you learn.  We had clients that we had to spend only 3 hours  but also  some we have  spend over 30 hours.  Training is done on one to one basis and only at $45 per hour.

When training one to one we will cover:


  • Research keywords/phrases using wordtracker and keywordspy or other resources/tools, to determine the most effective keywords to target
  • Use your CMS (content management system) tools to tweak website and page urls, page titles, meta descriptions and keywords tags as well as headers of pages
  • Train you how to use the CMS to ensure that product/services categories include generic keywords/phrases that relate to the targeted keywords.
  • Train you how to write about the services/products offered by you, how to write monthly articles or blog entries for fresh content - or manage the third party resources to make this happen
  • Train you how to read reports on current rankings with the targeted keywords for major search engines.
  • Explain why is the best to use us for tweak  HTML, slugs, H tags, Meta tags, etc - for maximum SEO.
  • Train your staff on the use of Google Analytics.


  • Use your SEO analysis and Web Position Gold (or related tools) reports to determine which keywords/phrases are doing well in organic search and which should be used in pay-per-click/paid search campaigns.
  • Explain link building strategies
  • Explain social media importance and how to implement with your website
  • Explain importance of Newsletters and email marketing

ON GOING SUPPORT (monthly package) $35 p/m

After initial SEO and training you will be able to look after your website yourself. We strongly suggest to sign up for our support SEO package.  You probably think you don't need this.

 SEO is very much related to site health and site being very current. A lot of technical knowledge is impossible to pass with few hour of training for example url redirecting or restructure site. Hence, we offer ongoing support and check your work as well as recommendations and reporting using our in house tools.

With our monthly package you will receive from us one of these:

  1. Receive support/consultation by phone or email
  2. Monthly reports and recommendations (take approx 30min)
  3. Site health check  (approx 30min)
  4. url redirecting if necessary and changes to structure recommendations (time vary)
  5. 404 Error Page/ 301 Redirection support (time vary)
  6. Competition links analisis (approx 1 hour)
  7. URL structure & Internal Linking check (approx 30min)
  8. MONITORING YOUR SITE DAILY very important to address issues when they arise. For this reason we will set up tools to monitor your site and be notify when something does not work way it should

And you will look after your own site submissions and own site linking strategies under our guidance.

When you on our support package you lock down price per hour to $25. What does it mean? It means if you need more time we won't charge you more time than $25 per hour.

No monthly fees

If you think investing $35 per month is not what you ready for now, we understand.

You will be able to contact us when you need advice or support

An indication of time involved

  • Preform site health and SEO  analysis and issue report with recommendation (time vary but approx 5 hours)
  • Check robot.txt, index on search engines, site map (approx 1 hour)
  • Check Linking report to your site (approx 3-5 hours)
  • url redirecting (approx 20 min per redirection)
  • Analise keywords saturation (time vary depending on number of keywords and pages)

and more

For all ad-hoc jobs our price is $90 per hour and $90per hour for a consultation.

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