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Many people are more comfortable selling property via an agent. Irrespective of whether your service was referred by someone most people before they decide to use your services, will probably research your company and your profile online.

The online marketplace is getting pretty crowded. That’s why it’s more important than ever for real estate agents to stand out from the crowd by establishing a great web presence.

Let’s face it, in today’s connected world customers are looking for their services online! 

How our websites & software solutions can help?

  •   Staying in contact with past clients - buyers and sellers as well as the local community and people

As expected, an overwhelming majority of people will choose a real estate agent they had previously worked with or an agent referred by a friend, acquaintance or family member.

An astonishingly low number found a real estate agent through more traditional marketing mediums like signs, advertisements and mailers.

Consequently, the foundation of a real estate agent’s business development plan should always start with staying in contact with past clients and people in the agent’s centre of influence.  To help you with this task you will have the ability to keep in touch with your past clients, acquaintances and local people by using our Newsletter system and full automation.

    1. Keeping in touch with buyers - they stay in the area and they are your potential referral point
    2. Keeping in touch with sellers - even if they left the area - they still have friends and family in the suburb you are servicing. Chances are they will talk and keep in touch and if someone asks - they will refer you.
    3. By automatic posts to your social media audience like Facebook of your articles - you remind people about your knowledge
    4. By automatic posts to social media of your successful sales - you are exactly promoting yourself.
  • How do people decide to hire a real estate agent?

Surprisingly home sellers aren’t that picky. Over 71% of homeowners have interviewed only one real estate agent before deciding who to list their home for sale. Hence it is more important than ever - to be at the centre of people's attention, to be found on search engines and to have all tools necessary to market yourself online.

What people usually look for when hiring a real estate agent

        1. Understanding Local Market - yes we have tools to help you to present your local market to your potential seller ( ask our consultant for presentation)
        2. Competency - by having your own blog and information that stays there on your site, you are showing your knowledge of the industry, and also proof of your ability and knowledge
        3. Experience - by having your own website with past properties - you showcase all your sold properties in the past. They stay there on your site. On properties only stay for 12 months while on your own website you have a display of all sold properties for a long time. Hence showing your hard work and success in sales.
        4. Reputation - showcasing all reviews in one place
        5. Marketing knowledge - your website will have a feel and look and functionality to present your business to the world. Also if you helping your clients with the styling of property - the photos, and the case study will showcase your knowledge.
        6. Negotiation skills - are very related to the points we mentioned above. A strong understanding of the local market is essential and your own presence will prove to visitors you just have that.

 Agents need to create bonds in their local community so they can keep their ears on the ground for upcoming sales.  The great way to achieve that is to have your own event calendar that provides great information to the local community and helps you to build a relationship with other businesses around and events organisers.  The event calendar can be easily shared on social media.



The vast majority of people do not feel that they could have done a better job than their agent when it comes to selling their most important asset.