PPC, or Pay Per Click is an Internet marketing strategy where advertisers pay every time their ad is clicked. There are many benefits to using PPC in your SEO campaign, but the biggest advantage is that, if you set it up correctly, PPC can push your website to the top of Google almost immediately if done properly.

Google Adwords is the most popular pay-per-click advertising program on the market today.  The PPC management packages of Dum & Co are created to help your business to make the most of the return on investment (ROI) from spending amount on online advertising. 

PPC is can play a crucial role in boosting website traffic and promoting services.  PPC is based on the same principles and keyword selection as SEO. Before spending money on it we should take care of targeted keywords, competitive analysis, channel strategy, and so on.

We combine the efforts of PPC campaigns with SEO strategies to help you achieve results that last long after the campaign is finished.

Instead of just creating landing pages we utilise your existing site content and add extra content there to use persuasive sales tactics. (sales of your services or your offers)

PPC can be a costly method if you don’t know the basics of the process.

We will actively manage and maintain your PPC campaign to help your business feature prominently on Google and get results.

 Our campaign will include

  • Campaign set up
  • Campaign management
  • Bid Management
  • Landing page (we utilise on existing pages) but this includes a consultation to what is needed for conversion rate improvement
  • Ads writing and management - banner ads
  • Conversion tracking code
  • Call tracking set up
  • Remarketing campaign
  • Analytics and tracking set-up
  • A/B testing
  • Keyword bid optimisation
  • Reports and support
  • Recommendations

We have only one PPC package and it is for Google and includes;

  1. Keywords analyses, research and selection and set up of account and monthly management cost $350 per month

In PPC we just charge our management fees only. AdWords click charges will be directly deducted from your account.

Please note:

  1. You need to either you can send us the monthly PPC budget or can provide credit card detail to add
  2. Banner Ads: Up to 2 alterations only - that is 2 per month (text writing)
  3. Landing Page Consultation: Suggestions/Advice on the existing page on what needs to be done
  4. Location Extension: Google will take the business addresses from Google Places account. Either we need to create a Google Places account or you provide a login.

Suggestion: MIN BUDGET FOR EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGN TO pay Google $500-$1500 per month is recommended. Depending on the industry Minimum costs for spending on PPC including our management fees should be $850 per month.

We don't charge account set-up fees.