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Website design

Written by Urszula.

Website design explained

  • Is it graphic design?

  • Is it information design?

  • Is it interface design?

Website design is all of these and more.

Website design is a general term covering everything involved in creating a website. That includes the site's layout, look, navigation, and function. It can be very simple or very complicated depending on the type of website you require.

All aspects of website design must work together to produce a website that displays your company's essence in the best possible way.

Website design incorporates many different skills. It involves everything from graphic design and information architecture to programming in various languages of code. An attractive and effective website design is the result of many diverse factors.

The following are areas cover the major facets of web design:

  • Content +

    This includes the form and organisation of a site's content. This can range from the way text is written to how it is organised, presented, and structured.
  • Visuals +

    This refers to the screen layout used in a site. The layout is usually created using HTML, CSS, or even Flash and may include graphic elements either as decoration or for navigation.The visual aspect of the site is the most obvious aspect of web design
  • Delivery +

    The speed and reliability of a site's delivery over the Internet or an internal corporate network are related to the server hardware/software used and to the network architecture employed.
  • Purpose +

    The reason the site exists, often related to an economic issue, is the most important part of website design. This element should be considered in all decisions involving the other areas.
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