If you are a business owner, can you really afford not to have a website?

Your potential customers or clients will judge your business based on your website.

If your website design doesn’t actually power your business, it’s not worth the effort. At Dumco, we can give you not just a beautiful-looking website, but we can give you much more. From great architectures that work as hard as you do, to various Internet Marketing solutions, mobile apps and social media presence to awe-inspiring web experiences.

Eighteen years ago ( when we open Dum & Co - 2004 ), finding someone to build you a website was the easy part – mainly because there were only a handful of people that actually could build decent websites. 

Google was just getting started as a privately held company, and for the few people that did turn to the search engine to find services, the results were scarce. 

Now, web design companies are as common as the websites they create.

It is hard to choose and decide who you are going to trust to REPRESENT YOUR BUSINESS.  Choosing a website design company is a critical decision. You're not just putting a project in their hands, you're entrusting your business to them.

 Stand out ahead of your competition with our professionally done website design packages.  Every business needs a face, and a website represents your marketing or is the face of your business. One would prior a beautiful face that attracts!

Our speciality is bespoke CMS websites tailored to your industry.

ALL OUR WEBSITE PACKAGES COME WITH initial creation of site map XML & submission to Google. (sitemap, robot.txt and set up Google Search Console account).