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Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Urszula.

Here you can find some of the most common questions we have been asked about our website design services. If you can't find an answer to your question, then please contact us by phone or email.


  • How much do you charge for websites? +

    I often hear the question by my clients - 'how much you charge for a website design?' with expectations to answer immediately.  It is like going to car dealer and asking how much your charge for cars?

    It depends on what you want.

    A dynamic website design, or a design where a lot of advanced programming has been used, will cost you much more than a simple HTML website.

    In most cases you'll be better off with a simple site. It's more cost-effective and a simple design will be easier to get to rank well in the search engines.

    We put all prices on our website. To indicate what you paying for, we also included average time involved to design/develop websites. However we don't charge for time spend we charge for our knowledge.  We spend hours to keep learning new technology and you are buying actually our ability and knowledge!

    PLEASE CHECK OUR PACKAGES AND PRICE CALCULATOR and you will have indication what you will pay for your investment.

  • What are the costs involved to have my own website? +

    1. Website design 
    2. Domain name registration
    3. Hosting (your web space and traffic)


    • Logo design
    • Graphics, Flash, media - video and audio
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Search engine submissions
    • E-commerce solutions (store fronts, shopping carts)
    • Custom website programming (PHP, Cold Fusion, Java, C++)
    • Cataloguing and store front implementations
    • Web promotion
    • Web maintenance - for all applications online
    • Automated e-mails, etc.
    • Marketing strategies 

     Dum & Co offer a total solution for your business at affordable prices.

    To help you decide what your website needs are, you can download our worksheet here.

     We also offer a one hour FREE CONSULTATION.  Call us on (08) 9537 2870

  • What information do I need to give you to prepare my web site? +

    Typical information includes:

    • any text (copy) that you want on your site
    • any images you want displayed
    • any contact information necessary for your visitors to contact you
    • information about your favourite sites (what you like about them).
    We provide a link enabling you to choose one of our layouts (note: layout refers to how your content is going to be displayed eg. columns, rows, header and footer - you may prefer a horizontal menu to a vertical one). You may provide us with us a sketch of the way you want your site to look (eg. based on your organisation's magazine, newsletter, etc).

    You can download a worksheet first to establish what your website requirements are.


    Below is an example of a website structure.

    1. Home page: Images and content you need us to include
    2. About us page: you provide images and content and of course title. You might prefer to call this page 'about our company'
    3. Then every subsequent pages you need to design with us need to provide: images and content.

    Sometimes you prefer to write content on your behalf.



  • Do I always need a maintenance plan? +

    NO. If your website is simple html - not a database-driven application you do not any maintenance plan to be on.  You might though, consider our content maintenance package if you planning to have regular changes to your website. They give great hourly rates and lock down prices even if you need extra time.

    For database driven applications such as CMS or E-commerce,  we strongly suggest you  should  book one of our maintenance packages to help you avoid potential problems.

    The choice is yours!


  • May I choose another host after you design my website? +

    Yes, you can host your website with the provider of your choice.

    You can set up your website on a server by yourself, or we can set it up for you. Standard set up fees will apply.

    The only requirement is that the server you choose is compatible with the language and databases we have created for your website. This only applies to online database-driven applications.

    We strongly suggest thought to have maintenance package at least for your application. Consider who is going to look after your site upgrades once server has been updated. Consider who is going to look after your application with all technical knowledge after let say browser version has change and your website  will display errors.  And worse scenario - consider hackers.  None of the hosting company will support your applications and will ask you to contact developers.

  • How long before my site will be completed? +

    Your website should be completed and ready for your first revision within five to eight business days after we receive from you:

    • all of the text and graphics
    • your choice of website layout from our collection.

    (Based on an average website of five to six pages.) More pages or features requested more time is neede. 

    However, if you require custom graphics for your corporate image and/or programming is involved, creation of your website could take from four weeks to four months.

    Content Management Systems and shopping carts (database-driven applications) take around two to six weeks to complete.

  • Do I need to use a local website design company? +

    No you do not.

    Everything can be done over the Internet or by telephone. Our door is always open to anyone who would like to speak to us in person.


  • What if I do not like my site once the design stage is finished? +

    You are allowed one revision in the design stage of your site. Once the 'beta' version of your site has been uploaded for approval, you can view the site and request changes. Our website coordinators will then complete the requested work.   

  • Can I See the Design While my Website is Under Development? +


    Once the design for the main page has been completed, it will be uploaded to our server for your approval. Once we have that, the rest of the website will be developed.

  • Are There Any Hidden Charges For My Website Design or Optimisation Services? +


    Once we have all the requirements, you will be given a quote. That price will stand firm for all the aspects of your website.Check our website calculator to have basic idea about all costs. The calculator is only for estimate as prices might vary hence we provide you with all quoting after anyhow.

    Alternatively, you can choose one of our packages and pay only the package price.

    The only time a given price would change is:

        - if you decided you wanted another page or features

        - if you decided you wanted other material added before completion of the website

        - if you decided you wanted other features not included in package you paid for.

     The choice is always yours.

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