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Why rent a website?

Written by Urszula.

Our websites include everything a small or medium- sized business needs to be online.
  • It’s a great alternative to having a custom website built from scratch. Small businesses are saving thousands of dollars in upfront web design, hosting and domain name costs.
  • The monthly rental fee includes everything a professional website requires - the domain name, hosting, and submission to search engines.
  • We also research your industry to find what your clients are looking for, and optimise your website with content to reflect this research.

You can cancel your rental any time. There is no contract!

You can buy a site after one year of rental if you choose so.

Each website is unique and the design reflects your industry image. As soon as you rent a website in your specific category, no one else will be able to rent a similar one. We will not use the same layout or content again. IT WILL BE YOUR UNIQUE WEBSITE, DESIGNED TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

AFTER WE RECEIVED PAYMENT and details from you, you’ll be able to promote your business. It takes one to ONE WEEK  to process an application for rental.

The reason small business owners don't have a website yet is the high initial investment.


  • hosting ($120+++ annually)
  • domain registration ($40 annually)
  • maintenance ($660 +++)
  • website management and hosting
  • SEO  ($3600+++ per annum)

 Please note we don't rent sites on your domain we rent sites on our domains representing industry. Reason is if you resign from rental we wouldn't be able to rent again.

Step 1.  You chose the package and extra add ons that are the most suitable for your business an budget

Step 2. We schedule one hour consultation to find out more about your requirements


Step 3. We either build or use existing rented sites.

Step 4. You start making money with your website and all you pay is a monthly rental fee.


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Affordable websites

  • Quality: We ensure that our clients receive quality service they can count on - every time.
  • Value: At Dum & Co, we deliver excellent websites at prices that won’t break the bank.

Mission Statement

Dum & Co strives to provide small businesses and individuals with a level of service not seen from larger companies. We are a small business ourselves, and we know what small businesses need. Small businesses need a fast, friendly, and reliable service.

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