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How websites rental work?

Written by Urszula.


  • We only have a small initial set-up fee from $199 depending on your requirements (waved if you decide to go on one year contract )
  • We will send you form to fill for us with your business information and desired keywords
  • As soon as you return the completed form to us, we’ll set up your website. It will be ready in seven working days. We’ll then send you an email asking you to review your website. After that, we’ll call you to discuss any other changes you may require.

It couldn't be easier!
We promise you no hidden fees or charges. 

It saves time and money to rent a website!

There is no contract required. All you need to do is pay set up fees and start enjoying site.

It is better than having own website custom design and you don't have to spend hours with designer and pay thousands of dollars. Even if you have own website it is a great solution to display for example your client's reference to the public as a separate page.

After you pay - we provide you with login details so you can start changing text immediately to suits your needs.

You can provide us with actual images to represent your business.  It is so easy!

It starts from $30.00 per week! with all work done for you, isn't it a real barging?

Take advantage of these introductory prices Now.

PLEASE NOTE: We rent sites that are placed on our domains. Reason is simple: if we used your business domain after you finished rent we wouldn't be able to rent again. For example, your business name is 'Stan cleaning business' we cannot use domain called   However we can use domain that is called Your name will be visible and also will display on Google. you still can use your business email. 

 For example let assume your business name is Murray Dentures Clinic.

Your business name and keyword related to your industry will be there as per your service area. For example if you provide dentures in Perth and you want your service to be found on Google with keywords "Dentures in Perth", "Dentures in Mandurah" or your  name displayed you can be found.

It is easy: all you have to do is give us your logo and contacts details


  • Save on hosting fees
  • Save SEO charges
  • Save on domain costs
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Save on copywriting
  • Save on graphic creation



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  • Quality: We ensure that our clients receive quality service they can count on - every time.
  • Value: At Dum & Co, we deliver excellent websites at prices that won’t break the bank.

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Dum & Co strives to provide small businesses and individuals with a level of service not seen from larger companies. We are a small business ourselves, and we know what small businesses need. Small businesses need a fast, friendly, and reliable service.

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