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Planning to meet a developer

Written by Urszula.

I came across this video today by John Romaine and I thought I will post here. These mistakes clients make when talking to developers are not rare. These are actually happen to me many times hence I thought I share with you this video. It comes to one thing - you need to prepare yourself to meet developers and a bit of knowledge what web design/development is.

By doing so, you show respect to people you might need for some time.

We will respect your business, your ideas and we will listen to your needs too. This is partnership and long relationship as website design is never one time project.

If this video makes you laugh that means you not only a fantastic businesss person but also you have great sense of humor to laugh at own mistakes.

Understanding each other and working together can only benefit your project. We will try together overcome all obstacles and find the best solution for your internet presence, marketing and goals.

One thing we finding impossible to over come - it is client's bad attitude:

" I don't want to know, I just want this and that"

Write a good brief about project as this will help avoid any unnecessary frustration.

We will introduce your expert perspective, and share your thinking and will try to meet your goals. But final decission is up to you.

Remember, our clients are your partners. Partners share and listen to each other. If you prepare to become partner then you are our ideal client. This is win - win situation!

Sometimes I find on net videos that makes me laugh done by other developers. I learn though one thing - the only reason people like in videos below happen is lack of knowledge. I think more you can learn about internet, more you can read it only helps not only you, but your business. I am posting this video below not to offend anyone, but point that things that one inexperience with internet person can think are easy - are actually not.

I hope you have a great laugh though.


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