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Hackers and security

Written by Urszula.

You probably know importance of having anti-virus software ony your personal computer. If you in business, you need to consider that your website may also be a vulnerable, especially if your website is hosted on a shared server.

A shared server can be very scary. In fact, for many e-commerce scenarios where a bank and/or insurance company is involved with your efforts, they will require that you do not use a shared server, have a dedicated IP address, and have a certificate that is private.

One of the risks on a shared server is that if one website is vulnerable and gets affected by a virus, this can easily spread to other websites on the server.

You could have top-quality protection on your website but still be exposed to a level of risk because of the setup of a shared server.

A hacked website can seriously affect your search engine optimisation efforts. Please do not you ignore the website security issues, if your site is hacked then all of your efforts to increase rankings and traffic will be gone.

Cost to repair hacked website could be substantial, and it has to be done fairly quickly as every hour costs you in lost ranking. Sometimes will take months to fully restore site ranking. If you correct any attack within 24-48 hours, you can expect to recover any rank you have lost quite quickly- within a week or two.

I have been talking to clients about websites security for years.

I heard many times, when I offered my clients extra maintenance and security, "oh I have a friend with just a word press site he/she did himself and he is ok" or "Who would like to hack my small business site? ".

It is like saying " I don't have insurance for my house, as nothing will happen". Well, it might not. And you will be lucky for years. But if it does, then what happen?

If you in business - YOU SHOULD WORRY!

This month (May 2014) e-bay has just confirmed a cyber attack that may have affected millions of users, exposing personal information like usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Well, you don't have resources of eBay and taking chances on shared hosting.

What can you do?

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP and have someone who looks after your site security.


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