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Written by Urszula.

Last year among thousands of websites ABC site was hacked.  Well you heard million of times hackers happen and you think " why they would be interested in my small business site? "

"It will never happen to me".

ABC invested in team of people and thousands of dollars in equipment to have own server. They employ experienced team of people to keep site secure and they monitor site. They work on updates and upgrades every day.

  1. You have one shared hosting for may be $5 per month
  2. You have designed site with open software like Wordpress or Joomla
  3. or may be you have site with Wix and paying premium account $100 per month or any other builder

Many times people tell me "I don't want to know anything about securities" like hoping that ignorance will protect them from hackers to their sites.  I cannot make decision for clients what they need if they are not prepared to tell me what they willing to pay for. There are many solutions but a client need to know what they are to make own choices.

For years I have been warning people and nobody listen till happen to them. It is ok if you have at least backup. If not you re doomed. Unless you have simple html site that files can be replaced easy, to recover site after hackers could become expensive experience. However, even if you recover website without updates and extra security measures it will happen again and again.

Why? - you may ask.  Well, your application might be out of date and once hackers discover vulnerability they will do it all over again.

First of all, take a breath and don't panic. 

Read what to do next here.

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