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Google Authorship

Written by Urszula.

When Google first announced the rel=author tag and Authorship, I have to simply try it. And to my surprise it worked pretty well for some time. Then suddenly the image of myself disappear.

I went to Google testing tools and saw that all was working ok but then realise a little message was there! Aha, I said and spend few hours to investigate and read a lot of posts just to get more confused.

I felt pretty stupid because I couldn't find simple anwser. And according to this message my own hard work to introduce my services to my clients and my skills as a web developer, is not important to my viewers. Hence 14 years of my experience does not count. Well I don't mind to not show my old face and frankly very happy about this yet I still have to find the answer to help my prospective clients who would enjoy the Google Authorship on their websites.

I will keep you posting if I find answer to this image displaying on Google question.

Benefits of Google Authorship

There are quite a few benefits but I will cover only few:

  • Photos are very eye-catching. Your profile photo next to a results on Google makes it stand out from the other searches.. This could potentially increase click rate for your websie.content.
  • Special treatmet. Once you have verified yourself as and actual person and associated your writing online with that identity, Google will then give you a bit of special treatment. It is pretty obvious that you will be highrer ranked as your content is verified.
  • Instant indexing in Google
  • It helps fight duplicate content (Happen to all of us when you spend hours write some good content just to discovrer someone stolen and use it)

Here is a video that explain what is Google auhtorship is and suppose to be.

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